20 February, 2008

The Mole Children

The Mole Children, Deep down in these Appalachian Mountains’ live the mole children , Who go through their live’s unnoticed by the rest of the world, They are the not a healthy race and in most generations the death rate is very high,And disabilitys are even higher, The ones I Speak of now are the ones who try to go on with a normal life,But are shackled by the heritage passed them,And even worse is the fact the next generation coming up is not any better off. Sickness of all sorts ,Sudden deaths that come to early in life,And now another generation growing up will endur the same,They are no other people like this,They all are ,Children Of The Appalachian Coal Fields,And while the rest of the world enjoys comforts from heritage passed them, Most have no choice but to carry on,In the shadows of the mountains and hollows from which their problems came,The mole children carry on and the next ones will to,And for the rest of the world if you ask of them they reply, Who Knew,Are you allso a mole child,And while we depend on our way of life we must ask our selfs, Are we producing fuel for hell. By, Oaneatta Stanley Smith